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Journal of Agricultural Production 2021, Vol. 2(1) 0-0

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Application of HACCP in Aquaculture Processing

Gökhan Arslan & Pınar Oğuzhan Yıldız
Volume 1 Issue 1

Evaluation of Early Spring Grazing on Meadow in Erzurum, Turkey

Mahmut Taşçı & Zeynep Altunok
Volume 1 Issue 1

Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Two Different Medicinal Plants Extracts Against Fish Pathogens

Mustafa Karga, Osman Nezih Kenanoğlu & Soner Bilen
Volume 1 Issue 1

In vitro Effect of Bacterial Biocontrol Organisms against Pectobacterium carotovorum on Potato

Fatih Dadaşoğlu, John Fredy Maldonado Coy, Gülsüm Özyurt & Recep Kotan
Volume 1 Issue 1

Phylogeny, Characterisation and Identification of Creatine Kinase Genes (ckma and ckmb) in Zebrafish (Danio rerio

Gökhan Arslan, Erdal Özdemir & Mehtap Bayır
Volume 1 Issue 1

Properties and Importance of Prometheum sempervivoides (Fisch. Ex Bieb.) H. Ohba as Ornamental Plant Naturally Grown in Erzurum 

Fazilet Parlakova Karagöz, Halit Karagöz & Atilla Dursun
Volume 1 Issue 1

Use of Phytochemicals as Feed Supplements in Aquaculture: A Review on Their Effects on Growth, Immune Response, and Antioxidant Status of Finfish

Yiğit Taştan & Mohamed Omar Abdalla Salem
Volume 2 Issue 1

The Effects of Salicylic, Folic and Ascorbic Acid Treatment on Shelf Life Quality of Broccoli Florets

Jale Bilgin
Volume 2 Issue 1

The Effect of Some Vegetable Oils Added to Dairy Calf Rations on In Vitro Feed Value and Enteric Methane Production

Ali Kaya & Adem Kaya
Volume 2 Issue 1

Investigation of Seasonal Female and Child Labor Use in Cotton Agriculture: The Case of Mardin Province

Sevgi Bağırtan & Nuray Demir
Volume 2 Issue 1