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Original article | Journal of Agricultural Production 2022, Vol. 3(2) 124-130

Determining the Yield and Yield Components of Some Local Potato Genotypes Grown in the North Eastern Anatolia Region

Volkan Gül, Fırat Sefaoğlu

pp. 124 - 130   |  DOI: https://doi.org/10.56430/japro.1210278   |  Manu. Number: j agri pro.2022.010

Published online: December 31, 2022  |   Number of Views: 4  |  Number of Download: 246


This study was carried out in 2018 to examine the yield and yield components of 8 potato genotypes (Kanursu, Aşkar, Çamlı, Akbulut, Yukarıkızı, Incili, Erikdibi, and Nisantası) and 2 potato varieties (Agria and Lady Olympia) procured in the ecological conditions of Bayburt, Turkey. The experimental work was conducted in trial ground at the Experimental Station of the University of Bayburt (Turkey). The research was designed in random blocks with three replications. As a result of the study, the highest number of stems per plant (6.7), tuber yield per hectare (15.19 tons), number of tubers per plant (8.47), and tuber yield per plant (357.01 g) were found to be in the genotype Akbulut; the highest ratio of large tuber (28.27%) in the genotype Konursu; and the highest ratio of medium tuber (85.22%) in the genotype Çamlıkoz. This study; Although the best potato yield was obtained from the Akbulut genotype on a regional basis, these data are a pioneer for other future studies to determine the cultivar candidates needed in the development of domestic potato cultivars.

Keywords: Adaptation, Local variety, Solanum tuberosum L, Yield components

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Gul, V. & Sefaoglu, F. (2022). Determining the Yield and Yield Components of Some Local Potato Genotypes Grown in the North Eastern Anatolia Region . Journal of Agricultural Production, 3(2), 124-130. doi: 10.56430/japro.1210278

Gul, V. and Sefaoglu, F. (2022). Determining the Yield and Yield Components of Some Local Potato Genotypes Grown in the North Eastern Anatolia Region . Journal of Agricultural Production, 3(2), pp. 124-130.

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Gul, Volkan and Firat Sefaoglu (2022). "Determining the Yield and Yield Components of Some Local Potato Genotypes Grown in the North Eastern Anatolia Region ". Journal of Agricultural Production 3 (2):124-130. doi:10.56430/japro.1210278.


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