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Original article | Journal of Agricultural Production 2020, Vol. 1(1) 5-7

Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Two Different Medicinal Plants Extracts Against Fish Pathogens

Mustafa Karga, Osman Nezih Kenanoğlu & Soner Bilen

pp. 5 - 7   |  DOI: https://doi.org/10.29329/agripro.2020.341.2   |  Manu. Number: MANU-2104-12-0005

Published online: December 31, 2020  |   Number of Views: 193  |  Number of Download: 684


Diseases are one of the leading factors affecting the sustainability of aquaculture industry. Due to the undesirable effects of the methods used in the prevention or treatment of diseases, the usability of herbal products has been investigated recently. Thus, in the present study, we aimed to investigate the effects of aqueous methanolic extracts of two different medicinal plants (Laurus nobilis and Brassica nigra) against Vibrio anguillarium, Yersinia ruckeri, Pseudomonas putida, and Aeromonas hydrophila by using minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC). The MIC values of leaf aqueous methanolic extract of Laurus nobilis for Aeromonas hydrophila and leaf aqueous methanolic extract of Brassica nigra for Vibrio anguillarium were determined as 3.125 µg ml-1 and 100 µg ml-1, respectively. The results showed that Laurus nobilis could be used against Aeromonas hydrophila and Brassica nigra against Vibrio anguillarium. Further in vivo studies should be conducted to evaluate the usability of these plants.


Keywords: Medicinal plants, Aqueous methanolic extract, Antibacterial activity, Minimum inhibitory concentration

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Karga, M., Kenanoglu, O.N. & Bilen, S. (2020). Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Two Different Medicinal Plants Extracts Against Fish Pathogens . Journal of Agricultural Production, 1(1), 5-7. doi: 10.29329/agripro.2020.341.2

Karga, M., Kenanoglu, O. and Bilen, S. (2020). Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Two Different Medicinal Plants Extracts Against Fish Pathogens . Journal of Agricultural Production, 1(1), pp. 5-7.

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Karga, Mustafa, Osman Nezih Kenanoglu and Soner Bilen (2020). "Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Two Different Medicinal Plants Extracts Against Fish Pathogens ". Journal of Agricultural Production 1 (1):5-7. doi:10.29329/agripro.2020.341.2.

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