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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2 (December)

Microstructure of Eobania vermiculata (Müller, 1774): SEM, F-TIR and XRD Methods / Pages 42-47 / PDF
Kerim Emre Öksüz, Hülya Şereflişan

Mortality in Galla Goat Production System in Southern Rangelands of Kenya: Levels and Predictors / Pages 48-57 / PDF
John Kibara Manyeki, Bosco Kidake, Benson Mulei, Simon Kuria

Heavy Metal Evaluation of Overused Commercial Fertilizers and Their Interactions with Soil Properties / Pages 58-68 / PDF
Asuman Büyükkılıç Yanardağ

Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Prussian Carp (Carassius gibelio, Bloch, 1782) from Asi River / Pages 69-77 / PDF
Emrah Şimşek, Semih Kale

Estimates of Combining Ability and Association among Morpho-Agronomic Traits of Single Cross Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids / Pages 78-87 / PDF
Woldu Mogesse, Habtamu Zeleke

Pb (II) Recovery by Trout Bones: Adsorption, Desorption and Kinetic Study / Pages 88-99 / PDF
Beyhan Kocadagistan

Trend Analysis and Macroeconomic Variable Determinants of Egg Production in Nigeria / Pages 100-109 / PDF
Sunday B. Akpan, Veronica S. Nkanta

Morpho-Genetic Characterization of Abelmoschus Moench. Accessions / Pages 110-123 / PDF
Nkereuwem U. Obongodot, Moses E. Osawaru, Matthew C. Ogwu

Determining the Yield and Yield Components of Some Local Potato Genotypes Grown in the North Eastern Anatolia Region / Pages 124-130 / PDF
Volkan Gül, Fırat Sefaoğlu

VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 (June)

Yield and Quality Response of Canola to Seed Row and Side Banded Ammonium Sulfate and Ammonium Thiosulfate / Pages 1-8 / PDF
Ikenna Mbakwe, Omotayo Adegeye

Willingness of Agriculture Students to be Involved in Agripreneur Career in Southeast Nigeria / Pages 9-16 / PDF
Oluwaseun Joseph Komolafe, Temple Nneamaka Nwankwo, Precious Chibueze Chilaka

A Preliminary Study on the Cultivation of Brown Seaweed Sargassum cristaefolium Using Fixed-off Bottom and Raft Methods / Pages 17-29 / PDF
Nour Aley T. Yangson, Jerson I. Edubos, Albaris B. Tahiluddin, Concepcion C. Toring, Maria Liza B. Toring-Farquerabao

The Effect of Non-woven Cover and Seedling Techniques on Plant Growth and Bulb Yield of Onion / Pages 30-34 / PDF
Emine Kara, Fatih Hanci

The Timing of Vegetative and Generative Development of ‘Memecik’ and ‘Gemlik’ Olive Cultivars / Pages 30-34 / PDF
Filiz Baysal, Nurengin Mete, Oznur Cetin


VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 (December)

Abundance of Culturable Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria in Ulva lactuca Associated with Farmed Seaweeds Kappaphycus spp. and Eucheuma denticulatum / Pages 44-47 / PDF
Albaris B. Tahiluddin, Tadzmahal I. Alawi, Nurul Syakila A. Hassan, Sitti Nurhaliza A. Jaji, Ertugrul Terzi

Alleviation of the Germination Inhibitory Effect of Salt Stress in Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Seeds by Serotonin / Pages 48-54 / PDF
Oguzhan Araz, Ertan Yildirim, Melek Ekinci

The Comparison of Structure of Existing Stable with Standards of Stable Requested in IPARD Program in Erzurum Central Districts, Turkey / Pages 55-66 / PDF
Erkan Efekan, Bahar Kocaman

Heavy Metal Levels in the Beyler Dam Lake, Kastamonu (Turkey) / Pages 67-71 / PDF
Khalifa Moftah Abdelali

Flavor in a Tea Glass to Present from Past: Safely Organic Production and Health Effects of Tea / Pages 72-85 / PDF
Halit Karagöz, Fazilet Parlakova Karagöz, Erdim Erduran, Ramazan Çakmakçı

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 (June)

The Effect of Some Vegetable Oils Added to Dairy Calf Rations on In Vitro Feed Value and Enteric Methane Production / Pages 1-6 / PDF
Ali Kaya, Adem Kaya

The Effects of Salicylic, Folic and Ascorbic Acid Treatment on Shelf Life Quality of Broccoli Florets / Pages 7-15 / PDF
Jale Bilgin

Investigation of Seasonal Female and Child Labor Use in Cotton Agriculture: The Case of Mardin Province / Pages 16-25 / PDF
Sevgi Bağırtan, Nuray Demir

Determination of Yield, and Cold Hardiness of Some Triticale (xTriticosecale Wittmack) Genotypes in Eastern Anatolia Region / Pages 26-31 / PDF
Ümran Küçüközdemir, Berrin Dumlu, Halit Karagöz, Orçun Yılmaz

Use of Phytochemicals as Feed Supplements in Aquaculture: A Review on Their Effects on Growth, Immune Response, and Antioxidant Status of Finfish / Pages 32-43 / PDF
Yiğit Taştan, Mohamed Omar Abdalla Salem



VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 (December)

Evaluation of Early Spring Grazing on Meadow in Erzurum, Turkey / Pages 1-4 / PDF
Mahmut Taşçı, Zeynep Altunok

Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Two Different Medicinal Plants Extracts Against Fish Pathogens / Pages 5-7 / PDF
Mustafa Karga, Osman Nezih Kenanoğlu, Soner Bilen

In vitro Effect of Bacterial Biocontrol Organisms against Pectobacterium carotovorum on Potato / Pages 8-11 / PDF
Fatih Dadaşoğlu, John Fredy Maldonado Coy, Gülsüm Özyurt, Recep Kotan

Phylogeny, Characterisation and Identification of Creatine Kinase Genes (ckma and ckmb) in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Pages 12-21 / PDF
Gökhan Arslan, Erdal Özdemir, Mehtap Bayır

Properties and Importance of Prometheum sempervivoides (Fisch. Ex Bieb.) H. Ohba as Ornamental Plant Naturally Grown in Erzurum  / Pages 22-30 / PDF
Fazilet Parlakova Karagöz, Halit Karagöz, Atilla Dursun

Application of HACCP in Aquaculture Processing / Pages 31-33 / PDF
Gökhan Arslan, Pınar Oğuzhan Yıldız

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